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This Homepage is created by the help of our friend Melanie Oker while Robert Young digitalised almost all our slides (and there are plenty of ... ). Beside our own photographs, you will find some of friends like our travelling partner Ralf Beck.

Without an active home base it wouldn't been possible to manage this long term travelling at this time. Sabine Hoffmann-Fratzke, Dirk Fratzke and our parents wrote lot of letters and had some nice telephone calls (thanks to the German bureaucrats, too). Some helping hands of Manuel Preuss, Ingo Hertl, Raffael Schmidt, Berthold Stückle, Hannah Kuke, Clemens Grote and many other enabled the "smooth" start.

This homepage is an homage to all the homepages were we could collect some useful information and read lots of great stories.

All of you on the road or back home thank you for the hospitality, good company and the fun we had together. We hope to see you again!