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travel advice

Our funny stories may not be mistaken about the fact that journeys in Africa can be dangerous. The information contained in our reports should not lead to naive imitation. Experiences and appraisal are based on subjective experiences of the authors.

In particular there are quite different opinions about difficulty and danger of the tours we absolved in the Sahara. The majority of the routes should not be tackled by inexperienced ones (maybe in company of a experienced Sahara traveller and not without especially equipped vehicle).

Please get further information from other sources, such as official government web sites providing recommendations on travelling. An own evaluation about risk and difficulties is necessary. (For example, the UK Government department responsible for foreign affairs and the German ministry of foreign affairs is warning about travelling through the Central African Republic).

Despite the stable situation in the visited strip, found by us at this time, it may not be forgotten: The South Sudan is still a war zone. There can be violent armed robberies on the main routes and large settlements can become a target of the war actions at any time. The presence of aid organisations is no protection for travellers.