Here you can download country- and road-information of our Africa overland 01 - 03:
Facts, stories and routes, which you find under Africa overland are here available as Download: Routes as JPEG-format and text as .rtf or as Adobe .pdf-Format. To open the PDF-data you need the Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded from Adobe for free. To Download our files just click on the cell with right mouse button.

the whole story facts route
  .rtf .pdf .rtf .pdf .jpg
Algeria     9 KB    
Cameroon     13 KB   111 KB
Central African Republic (CAR)     15 KB   West 32 KB
East 20 KB
Chad     11 KB   North 96 KB
South 75 KB
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)     9 KB   --
New Sudan     --   50 KB
Niger     11 KB   63 KB
Malawi         60 KB
Tansania         39 KB
Tunisia     8 KB   144 KB

Live is a construction side and there is still something to do left.

We will complete this section regular. Who don't want to wait can use our newsletter archiv at Yahoogroups . There you already find facts and stories until New Sudan.