about us: Bernd, Sabine & the Toyo

Bernd Spaeth

here at the North end of the Erg Tihodaine, one of my favorite playgrounds (and there are many in the large sand box Sahara ... ).

Beyond Africa I am an engineer working in the motorring industry. Travelling on unusual paths, I could study the African improvisation talent (esp. how to disassemble whole engines in the sand with crank shaft and pistons laying around ... ) and complete my know how about shaft fit and torque. Meanwhile I am a proofed bush mechanic master. The African officials often choose an other titel: They belive my profession is "Driver".

Challenges attract me magically. Thats why I once want to do the classical Africa route: Crossing the Congo. Ten years ago, the first try ended up in a Belgian Transall. This time we were instead the first tourists since 12 years in South Sudan. Now I have to start the Congo crossing again. Maybe another ten years later ; -)

Sabine Fratzke

This nice picture was discovered by our travel partner Ralf Beck in the Erg Oriental.

While travelling I am a navigator, photographer, cook and "house dwarf". If we don't live in our mobile dining-sleeping-cooking-room, I am a medical engineer, work however rather as journalist and manager. You find my last successful project under www.freefm.de.

I like to travel, because you have horizons unlimited. I am also infected by the desert virus and like to relax in the emptiness in solitude of the Sahara.

Hello, I am the Toyo

here you can see me at my favorite work: Dune Surfing;-)))

My correct name is Toyota Landcruiser BJ75. The first letter of the type classification shows insiders the number of cylinders. In my case unfortunately only four. On the other hand the complete letter-number-combination is not too bad: It reveals the lovely classical design of my chassis. Where the track is worst, me and my 75-brothers are at home. Therefore they call us "Bushtaxi" or Troopcarrier.

I was born 1988. 1995 my current family adopted me. All my owners are Sahara extremists like me and have taken me often for a stroll in Africa. Finaly the fun begins whenever my hub is turnd from "free" to "lock".

More about me and my family tree under Landcruiser.