07.03.09 Film by Nikolaus Geyrhalter
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7915km - on the tracks of the rally to Dakar

An interview on FM4 with director Nikolaus Geyrhalter makes hungry for the film itself:

Paris 2006. Beside the participants a film team gets the road book of the rally Paris-Daker. But their aim is not the quick route to Dakar. They want to explore the landscapes beside the road. The people living there, how they live, what they think, how they experience the rally, which impression stays. The caravan of the rally disappears behind the horizon. The road book becomes a track that the film follows slowly, discovering what is not shown on the TV: the variety to be found in Africa’s present.

The Trailer promises to look left and right of the normal cliché rally-speeding-across-villages.

>> www.7915km.com

10.05.07 SMS from Egypt

Lake Nasser

Boarder Sudan - Egypt:
Another test by land

All overlanders driving down the East coast are furious about the rip-off Lake Nasser shipping. Once in a while some of them try to manage the boarder by land. But these boarders are closed for palefaces. Martin and Christine had to find out this again: Translating the gobbledegook of the Egyptian bureaucrats this means 1000 km detour back to Wadi Halfa and the bonus Lake Nasser hassle. Sometimes you have to try it to know it for sure ...

12.02.07 Blood Diamond - a visit to the cinema
Blood Diamond

This Is Afrika

Authentic. Our feeling to Blood Diamond stands in contrast to the opinions of most (German) film reviewers.

That probably belongs to the fact, that we met them in heart of Africa, obscure mercenaries, Kalashnikovs carried by yobs, muzzles directed toward us not only once, night-time shootings in the city riddled by civil wars, ... Some people did their homework very well. The film looks so realistic to us, that we got the impression, quotations were stolen from us: T. I. A. - This Is Africa.

range: bling-bang

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08.02.07 suprise suprise

... two slipped away in September and went down the West Coast. Martin and Christine - if you remember, the Berliner with the moving library, who accompanied us through the Tenere and the Erg of Bilma - are greeting from South Africa.

We have done a little Research and thanks to the always best informed Horizons Unlimited with extra Shipping Section we found a ferry from Haifa to Piräus to bring them home.

Rosenfeld Shipping Ltd

104 Haatzmauth Road 2nd Floor
Tel: +972 4 861 36 50
Fax: +972 4 853 70 02
E-mail: haifa@rosenfeld.net
Web: www.rosenfeld.net

Also private cars, vans, motorcycles, boats and other vehicles from Piraeus to Limassol or Haifa and vice versa twice a week is welcomed.

Now we are curious to see which route they are going to take after Cairo.