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They send actual and enjoyable reports from the silkroad already in 2002. The "Berliner" recidivist Ute Vogel and Andreas Bläse did again a tour to central Asia with their HZJ 78. This time their aim was the heart of silkroad in Tadschikistan and Afghanistan. 2002 in English & German, 2006 only German.

The German-Swiss couple Sylvia and Charlie drove around Africa from 2004 to 2006 with their HZJ 79 Snoopy. Beside the common travel logs there are very detailed infos for each country they've traveld. An exeptional reference book. Only German.


The Afritracks subdomain enjoys increasing popularity: Our regulars table members Maria and Bernd drove their Breamch down the East Coast.

Go Goli Go

A camel wearing orthopaedic shoes on the Way of St. James: Goliath and his chief Jörg aimed towards Africa. They fail not only at a veterinary war between Switzerland and France and the in matters of camels still inhomogeneous EU. Someday the chief found out that Africa would be a one-way-dune for Goliath. In lack of an entry visa to the USA and getting footsore they quitted the world tour.

Our regulars table members Horst and Elisabeth greet their friends and relatives :-). They were on tour around Africa - let's see what is following.

Searching for Muggie we found a sign of life at the page of Steven a Swiss biker. On tour trough the rain forest while the rainy season he (and a few days later Muggie as well) shipped his bike down the Sangha.

The Austrian Gisela and Rüdiger crossed Kongo on a route which we in 2002 couldn't take because of lack of water: They shipped their 'Hidalgo' (Ford Transit) from Bangui to Brazzaville. The necessary crossing of the CAR was the best education for the following adventures on the Ubangui and in DR Congo.

The Dutch Joris and Joris try to escape the rainy season with their HJ 61 by inverting the usual Africa overland route: From Capetown to Amsterdam. After they met Rüdiger and Giesela, they took the water itself: On the Ubangui from Brazzaville to Bangui. After that they could collect some CAR-experience. The "best" of this country: The sign in the end "Republic Centre African. Vous dit au revoir." English and Dutch.

Around Africa with GeU - shortcut for the German translation of "Yellow Monster" - an IFA L 60. The "Berliner" Swantje and Arthur kept detailed travel logs and a clearly arranged table about visa purchasing and diesel prices (choose "Reiseservice"). German.

Already 1960 (!) Des started his first africa overland from Durban to London. Under his slogan "Britain or Bust" he hitchhiked through the continent. As the old pictures show some of the public transports seems to be inspiering confidence once ... . In Englisch.

The Land-Streicher (German: vagabonds) Birgit and André are on tour with their Landy in North of Africa and Eastern Europe. GPS coordinates, many downloads and an excellent and detailled Romania rubric.

The peace contract of Angola opened a new Africa overland alternative. The Swiss Rene and Sonja were among the first, who could travel the West route across Congo Brazzaville, DR Congo and Angola without the annoying shipping. With wheelchair and Mercedes 310D 4x4 (Larag) in stages around the world. In German.

The Nyanthi (zulu, swahili: buffalo), a custom made 6x6-Foley-Landrover shall bring Michael & Sandy two years RTW. Hugging to the new West Cost route to South Africa, too, they plan to visit the missed parts of East and Central Africa (english) on the way back after a short detour around America.

After a snail-like start the speed devil turned out in the steppe of russia. With high speed they absolved the Transasia to Vladiwostock, explored Down Under and took the cheaper route: Back home instead of Crossing Africa (which is still the real goal). Our regulars table members Tanja and Markus with their Iveco Daily. In German.

JW and Ludwig (London -> SA) suprised by the closed border Chad-Sudan, they had to become pioneers on the West route. They would have prefered Ethiopia: Small detour? No problem for South-Africans: In 8 month they drove up again on the other side to Uganda and back to SA. Bokwa! In english.

Cross Africa from Morocco to Cape Town in a Land Rover. Doesn't say anything about having to finish in the same Land Rover as you started in. ... Mandy the Landy couldn't see, how Roxana, Richard and Peter leading "The Camel" along the seldom travelled West Cost route across Angola. In English.

Who think it is to simple to drive down the East Coast can change the level: Gert and Christophe choose a 2CV. They had regulary updates and a very nice design. English and Dutch.

After Middel and South America the Vwvagabonds Amanda and Rich crossing now Southern and Eastern Africa and lived in Durban (SA) for a while before returning home to the USA. Joining is Jova, the 23 years old VW-Bus. In english.

The Southafricans Christian, Giesela, Shaun and Gina intend to travel up to London in a zebra painted VW split screen bus, but suddenly ... : "The Zebi journey came to stop, when there appeared a German cop "You are disgusting with your oil all scattered on our precious soil!" ... "

Jacqui, Andrew and Disco Punda made a trip in 99/00 along the Westcoast route to Capetown and back along the East Coast. Wonderful page, top informations a
nd entertaining stories - our tip. In English.

Realy beautiful German page of Christian Frei. 97/98 he drove down the East Coast on a XT .

Vollo, Nadine, Efia and their W50 drove down the East route across Libya in 2001. They report about their Project "Schau mal übern Tellerrand" ("Look further than the end of your nose"). Furthermore there are some great reports about the "Bulli Tour 92" , "Yellowsubmarine 93" and "Pole Pole 95". Unfortunately only in German.

Sue and Neil travelled along the East route from London to Capetown with Bumble, their Land Rover 101 Forward Control in 2001. In English.
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