Voyage 4x4

Very nice page with roadbook download for Tunisia, Mauritania, Morocco and Libya.

Traveller Tracks

Modern version of the German Bible 'Durch Afrika'. Waypoint and route database for travellers from travellers. Registered user can describe road conditions, provide pictures and information to points of interest. A GPX-interface enables adding bigger mounts of data records. The recorded information is presented by Google Maps mash up and user can merge them to roadbooks. The gratification system allows download for upload or Paypal purchase. German and English.


Fee required database which is a featured layer of  Google Earth. The voluntarily uploaded data is certified, adjusted and averaged. Mainly Southern Africa. >> current coverage

GPSies - Tracks for Vagabonds

Probably the largest German platform for outdoor activity GPS data. Very simple up- and download as well directly from and to the handheld. Extensive interface to convert different GPS data type. Mashups of Google Maps with the possibility to present data on Google Earth or individual homepages. This page has understand Web 2.0 best.

maps & geoname database

Open Street Map

Over 100.000 user collecting worldwide data of streets, railways, rivers, forests, buildings and everything you can see on maps, because they want to have free accesses to geographic data in future. Beginners will find the different wiki-portals a bit confusing and especially for Africa there is still less data, but the ambitious project grows constantly.


Share Garmin vector maps.

GPS Vekorkarte Marokko

Very detailed free vector-map of Morocco and Western Sahara for handheld GPS-recievers by Island-Olaf.

GeoNet Nameserver

GEOnet Name Server is a database owned by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency of the US-Department of Defence. Extensive search parameters for geographical names and coordinates. Allows country wise download of geo name databases. Free usage.

Perry Castaneda Libary Map Collection

The Perry Castañeda Library of the University of Texas provides one of the most extensive online map collections of raster graphic formats.

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