meet & greet on tour:

Here is a list of the online-travellers we met on the road. Under People you find pictures and text belonging to the encounter overlander:

Ralf loved to play with us in the sand box. Since 2004 all that remained, is to keep memory and his travel reports: (german)
 africa overland I
Andy is always ten days in front: (english)
Koos & Toos (Jan + Anelies) on Africa Overland: (dutch)
Philip explores his home continent: (english)
from Johannesburg to Bern - Nik + Lars: (english)
Erik moves: (english + german)
flying, driving, shipping? Tjeerd + Ingeborg: (german)
Henk + Jannie have fun with the locals: (dutch)
Robert was happy to meet us - now he can speak German: (german)
Rainer Andreas Frank in the bikers pub: (german)
Richard Charles Gaetan on hacktorr: (english)
Bevan in africa: (english)
brussels-capetown by 2 CV: Gert + Christophe: (english + dutch)
Axel on tour: (german)
Frank + Loes have a big living room: (dutch)
Frederic knows our regulars table: (german)
solid equipment, but Anne + Erik are not from South Africa: (english)
Ute + Thomas Renner on first travelling - four month Vic Falls and back: (german)
Jules + Chris set out for home: (english)
Bert + Francoise bringing a Potje to South Africa: (dutch)
Bärbel + Bernd had catch up: afritracks meets (german)
steppe "snails" Tanja + Markus love swiss cheese fondue: (german)
Marja + Mario on "round the world" in stages (dutch)
Mabye they want to reach Mongolia: Agnes + Skip (dutch)
Didier rides for kids around the world: (english + french)
1000 days and one night on tour: Dorrit + Coen (english + dutch)
 africa overland II - stage 2
Riding for Riders: Ed and Dan on tour to Captown (english)
 africa overland II - stage 3
The blue Magirus takes guest to Afrika-tour (german, english, french)
Roxy and Steve explore their home continent (english)
Writes stories about mountains and Africa: Tobi is cruising Africa (german)
africa overland II - stage 4
Bex and Huw listen to africa while cycling (english)
Erik has to speed up: A sailing trip across the Atlantic waits for him (norwegan)
friends & relatives
It starts on 21°NNO with a trackloger - now Dirk wants to go further east (german)
From Bavaria into the boonies by bike: Elisabeth & Rupert on tour (german)
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friends on tour
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